6 Angelic Meanings of Finding Feathers

By Hope Lux, The Angel Writer

Our Angels are always around, surrounding us in divine light and love. But sometimes we get so caught up in the external world and our day-to-day to-do list that we miss their messages. So the Angels will step up their game and send us “Angel grams” to catch our attention.

One of their favorite signs? Feathers. They’ll place feathers in our path in unusual places to get us to stop and take notice.

What does finding a feather mean? Well, it depends. Each message is very personal to that recipient. When you find a feather, try to remember what you were thinking or doing at that particular moment for clues.

When a feather falls directly at your feet, that’s a very positive sign from above. Your pleas or calls for help have been heard and answered. And the Universe is working to bring those desires into reality.

Just like Angel numbers, feathers can carry many different meanings, especially when it comes to color. Here are some of the most common interpretations of finding feathers:

  1. A celestial hello

It’s not uncommon for your Angels to drop a feather in your path to signal that they’re watching over you. You’re never alone. In fact, your Angels are loving and supporting you in infinite divine light at this very moment.

  1. Have gratitude

Been looking at the glass as half full lately? Finding a feather is a gentle reminder to count your blessings and be appreciative for all the positive stuff in your life. Flip the script that you’ve been telling yourself to raise you vibration and bring more goodness in your life.

  1. Take it easy

Feathers represent flight and freedom. If you’ve been especially hard on yourself lately, the Angels may send you a feather to request that you be more kind to yourself, stop building barriers and free yourself from whatever’s tying you down. Ease up – and enjoy life more.

  1. Pay attention

Seeing an unexpected feather, especially in an unexpected location, is a great reminder to stay aware. Be more observant, more cognizant of the tiniest details and definitely heed that inner voice.

  1. You’re on the right track

Did you recently make a decision that impacts your life? Take a new job? Buy a new car? Move to a new neighborhood? A feather may serve as validation of your decision.

  1. You’re loved

It’s a message from heaven! Loved ones who passed will often send a feather to let you know they’re okay, they love you and they’re with you in spirit.

The Angels are always looking for ways to communicate with us. Learn more about Angel signs and messages at https://www.theangelwriter.com/blog/angel-signs

Hope Lux is an Angelic writer and channel, intuitive empath and creator of The Angel Writer – and she’s all about helping you move forward, look ahead, smile from the inside out with the love and guidance of the Angels. For years, she’s been receiving channeled messages from the Angelic realm. She has a special interest in tapping into the hope, help and healing of the Angels to comfort those who are suffering from chronic pain and illness, or who are feeling loss or lost from life’s detours. Find channeled Angel messages, meditations, trainings and more at www.TheAngelWriter.com.




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