A Hiking Mystery

By Sue Greenwald

I went hiking November 1st on the beautiful West Fork trail in Sedona.  This is a beautiful wooded trail, where you have to creatively cross a lot of streams, a challenge not to get wet. The views from every part of the trail are breathtaking!

We hiked to the end of the trail, ending up with a deep, wide creek in the front, and steep canyon walls on both sides.  We met a man there who was taking pictures with a tripod, and talked to him a bit.  He then walked along the bottom edge of the rock wall, on to a little dirt “island” in the middle of the creek.  He set up his tripod there, taking photos.

We took a few pictures, looked at the water, chatted a bit, and then turned back.  When we left the end of the trail, our photographer friend was still on the island absorbed with taking photos.  We followed the trail up and around the high rock wall, to the next stream crossing, and….there he was!

His tripod was already set up and he was leaning against a fallen tree.

I was shocked!  I asked him multiple times how he beat us to that spot, and he somehow sidestepped answering the question.  We talked to him for another 20 minutes or so, but I felt somewhat scattered when I talked to him.

There was no “logical” way he could have passed us on the trail, and there was NO WAY he could have scaled the walls or been on a shortcut.   I had observed what he looked like:  about 65, glasses, camouflage jacket, hiking boots, jeans.  This man looked ordinary in every way.  I scrutinized him for clues, and found none.

We talked more at this creek crossing, me trying to get to the bottom of the mystery, while he rested there nonchalantly.  We had a little snack while talking, which we shared.

Since then, I’ve mulled this over: Did I make a mistake, and this was not the same person?  Was there another quicker way around that canyon wall?  Was there something that I missed?


I went back on the same trail a week later to inspect that area of the trail again, to see if I missed any opportunity for a shortcut.  I was really hoping to run into him again to ask him a few more questions, as I was a bit flustered when talking with him previously.  I’ve considered this for a couple of weeks, and know he was the same person, that I didn’t make a mistake!

I’ve met Inner Earth beings before (another amazing experience).   I think this person was Extra Terrestrial.  He was dressed to blend in.  I feel he was benevolent, and would love a conversation with him sometime again soon.

I’ve had so many amazing experiences through my life, I’ve decided to share some of them with you in my “free” time.    If there’s any update to the mystery, I’ll let you know!

PS. These are pictures of the actual end of the trail, although when taken, we were just having fun!



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