A Talk with a Tree

By Sue Greenwald

A few years ago, we had a snowstorm.  I decided to take a walk before doing the other things on my list. I took my daughter with me, and we walked about 1.5 miles before turning around. At the turning point, we decided to hug a particularly nice sized tree.  As I hugged it, I felt it’s energy. My daughter is very psychic and intuitive, and said that the tree said Thank You.

The walk back was peaceful and exhilarating, and then we came upon a tree that I call “Grandpas Tree.” This tree is large, tall and straight and very old.  It reminds me of the tree at my parents summer place that my Grandfather used to sit under. It feels like a cousin of the same tree for some reason.  I’d been wanting to visit this tree for months, and call it “Grandpas Tree”.

I went to the tree and hugged it, and leaned up against it. My daughter, who can easily communicate with trees, stones and animals, said that the tree spoke in a foreign language, and said something about the Blue Fairies.

After asking lots of questions, I determined that the tree was not talking an earthly language, that it knew what I was saying to it, but it did not choose to communicate with me. We determined that it was talking in some sort of “space language”.

I went home, texted a few friends about the, and then called a friend, who advised me to take a gift for both the tree and the fairies, to pray and do a ceremony at the tree, and to see what messages it had for me.  I was to feel the messages from the tree, as there may be a healing that one or both of us needed.

My daughter picked out the appropriate stones, as advised, and I also took an additional shell for the fairies. We went back to the tree, and placed the larger stone in a crevice in the bark to stay with the tree. The fairy stone went toward ground level, and the shell went into a nook at the roots of the tree.

The tree finally told us that it was sorry for not talking earlier, and that it was very angry and lonely.  It hadn’t had visitors for quite a while, and even the animals did not come by as much to visit it. I appreciated our second visit very much, and we told it we’d be back. (I might mention that this tree is on Posted property, and we just snuck in for a quick hug, after shielding ourselves.)  I told the tree that I will be back and that I can see it almost every day from my windows, so it felt much more satisfied.

I did visit the tree several times before I moved, and felt it’s energy immediately.

Trees have their own consciousness, and can also tap into the “collective consciousness”.  They know everything about you, how you tie into the Universe.  Trees are extremely healing.  Many times, I have a special tree that I’ll lean against, and I can feel my energy shifting and clearing.  A shout out to “Jeff”, my tree in my last neighborhood, who used to clear me in times of trouble!




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