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Why the Expo's?

Our Mission

To host & coordinate Collaborative Spiritual Holistic events focused on bringing the latest information, products & services to the public.  Events include high vibrational speakers and exhibitors, and our focus is always on healthy lifestyles, spiritual practices and creating a sense of community. Our events should increase the consciousness and awareness of participants, and all should experience a sense of connection.

A Collaborative Effort to bring Information & Community to the public....

The Expo is a collaboration of the best possible speakers and healthy lifestyle/spiritual types of vendors. Everyone needs something different, so the Expos offer a large variety of products, services, and inspiring lectures.  Sometimes people need a contact, or a like-minded friend-it’s easy to make great connections at the Expo!

Our goal is to bring in the newest possible information to people in this area. The Expo is designed so that they can learn, be inspired, try different types of classes, make new friends, and have fun doing so. Each Expo will have a different variety of speakers, themes and vendors

We do the Empowered Light Holistic Expo twice a year in Oaks, outside of Philadelphia, generally the last weekends in April and September.  

It all started with a persistent idea...

I’m passionate about new ideas, healthy lifestyles, and Spiritual Development, and am very social. I’ve taught Yoga for 19 years, and am a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Energy Healer, and Ordained Minister. I love working with people, leading classes, putting together groups and events, focusing on health, self-development, and spirituality.

Before the Expo, I operated a Wellness Center, offering yoga, dance, healing energy treatments, massage, and a variety of spiritual & self-development classes all under one roof.  

I coordinate spiritual retreats as well.

The Empowered Light Holistic Expo started as an idea that grew and wouldn’t leave. After months, I decided to pursue it, starting with the large number of contacts I had from my wellness center already.  I rented a large space at the Expo center, and learned everything that I needed to do by just doing it--ALONE!   

I have big plans for the expo, and am trying to ensure that it has a solid foundation of vendors and attendees before it grows again.  

Sue Updated Picture

Sue Greenwald, founder of 

Empowered Light 

sacred oak 2

It's Supposed to be FUN.....

The Expos are fun.  It's a great way to meet new people or to expand your Tribe.  The information should be the latest available.  Support us by telling your friends!

Our Team

Deanna Hobson 2018


Deanna assists by exploring  new Expo and Event locations, Coordinating with sponsors, donors & advertisers and assisting with Social Media promotion.

Deanna is a gifted Intuitive, specializing in working with Crystals, Fairies and Angels. She can do readings “on the spot” for any event, future or past, and well as healing sessions.  Deanna is an artist, creating energized crystal jewelry and other artwork to help heal others. She loves teaching classes and working with others.

To learn more about Deanna's work please visit her site Divine Inspiration


Annie is a Marketing specialist and Researcher.

Her background is in Journalism. She's an avid researcher & truth seeker. Her drive to uncover and bring forth information has lead to her creating a YouTube channel, where she also interviews other Truth Seekers and Ufologists.

Annie assists with  designing  Expo programs, as well as other print & online graphics.  She handles the social media Ad campaigns as well as web development for our website.

For more information visit Annie's site Lyra Marketing Group


Rose loves to experience life, traveling all over the world to assist those that she plans events for. She especially loves to plan destination weddings!  She loves to try foods, having been a chef before she became a travel agent.

Rose coordinates group travel and special events for Empowered Journeys, handling travel arrangement details.  At the Expos, Rose fills in where needed, helping with T shirt design, the café area, or event the ticket counter!

To find out more about Rose or work with her please visit her site Cruise Planners

Brian DiRenzo cameraman
Artistic Hands Graphic

Brian Videotapes each Expo including speakers and attendee interviews, and creates Expo Videos as well as custom Videos for Speakers.  He Videotapes Featured speakers.

Brian also has a successful Video Production company, Artistic Hands LLC.


Volunteers are an important part of keeping the Expos running smoothly!  Volunteers check  Vendors In, Assist with Setup of the Expo, Sell tickets, hand out information, Run the prize booth, and Assist with transitioning speaker rooms.

We use proceeds from our T shirt sales to fund Vendor food & Tshirts during the events.

Thank you to all the amazing people who give their time & efforts to assist us, we couldn't do it without you!


Download our Media Kit.

The Expos

Empowered Light Expos will engage you through classes, mini treatments, and psychic and intuitive readings.

Expos focus on holistic lifestyles, spiritual classes and personal development, offering over 50 enlightening workshops and lectures! Shop between workshops with 150+ Holistic Vendors, which will host a variety of natural products or offer services.

Enter to win a prize, with 3+ prizes raffled every hour.

Raise the Vibe Events

Raise the Vibe is an immersion into self and spiritual development. These events feature engaging workshops, focusing on deeper understanding.

Raise the Vibe may be held locally or at a sacred site. Speakers will vary.

One of the most powerful ways we have to create transformation is when we are together, in community! Raise the Vibe of our Collective Consciousness!

Empowered Journeys

Empowered Journeys are unique trips to Sacred Sites, where you’ll relax and focus on your spiritual advancement.

We’ll offer you a mix of R&R, information and sightseeing, and opportunity for spiritual progression.

The itinerary will vary with the theme of each Journey, and you’ll be sure to make close, lasting friendships with others on the experience!