An Unusual UFO encounter

By Sue Greenwald

My group and I stopped for a night in Virginia Beach en route to hosting a spiritual retreat in North Carolina,  staying in a Room by the beach. The Room was on the 8th floor facing the ocean, so we left the sliding glass door open at night.
In the middle of the night, a  Light woke us all up, shining through the door right at us. We all woke simultaneously, and walked to the door, where we saw a bright light slowly growing smaller as it became more distant.
Intuitively  we knew it was a ship and it had visited us for some reason.
The odd thing was that our group never spoke about this event again! Months later, I asked them all “do you remember that time…”,  which they all affirmed. We all thought it was interesting that we didn’t remember the event afterward or talk about it.
I’m not sure what the ships purpose was that time, but I always thought it was odd, especially since I am an extremely light sleeper.
After talking with many who are in the UFO community, they report that it’s common for people that have had experiences to forgot what they’ve seen!



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