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Hypnotherapy Treatment For Substance Abuse

Hypnotherapy Treatment For Substance Abuse Many of us struggle with or know someone who struggles with substance abuse. It is an illness that has profound negative effects not only on the individual and those close to them, but on society as a whole. In seeking suitable treatments for addiction, one of the many promising fields…

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Dirty Dozen & Clean 15

Dirty Dozen & Clean 15 This is a list of the Most and Least Contaminated Produce Many people can’t afford to buy all organic all the time. But you don’t have to buy all organic produce to reduce your risk for chemical contamination. This list from the Environmental Working Group tells you which fruits and…

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The Ripple Effect- Creating World Peace

The Ripple Effect- Creating World Peace We all want World Peace, especially when we hear the news.  Hearing all the negative is draining and often make us feel hopeless. We are in our comfortable lives, not knowing what we can do to help, just wanting to make sure we and our families are safe. The…

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The Best Pets for Anxiety

Approximately 40 million adults in the U.S. are affected by an anxiety disorder each year. This makes anxiety the leading mental illness in the U.S. Anxiety disorders are very treatable, but only 37 % of sufferers receive treatment. One proven treatment for anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions is ownership of pet. What is…

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Light Therapy for Depression

Light Therapy for Depression by Charles L. Watson Do you feel sluggish, moody, or depressed during certain periods of the year?  It may not just be that you are sad but that you have SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder affects your mood and triggers depression symptoms, often, during winter or fall when there’s not as much…

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Way too Much (Letting Go)

Way too Much (Letting Go) Have you ever Gone to visit a new acquaintance, and found that there was no counter space, and nowhere to sit because of piles of things all over?  You’d have to move piles of junk to clear a spot to sit, and most likely weren’t too comfortable. Ridden in someone’s…

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Prayer can be used to create Miracles

Prayer can be used to create Miracles We have been trained from an early age to pray when we need something, hoping that God hears us and our prayers will be answered if we are worthy.  We speak the words that we are taught, trusting that our desires will be granted if we say the…

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Our Body as Our Partner

Our Body as Our Partner What If…. The human body had a language of it’s own. Our body has a way of interpreting what we need and continually guides us. Our body has memory of every thought, feeling & experience that we’ve had in this and all prior lifetimes, so it can see the bigger picture than our…

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Just Breathe

  Why don’t we do this more often? Ok, sit down now. Close your eyes (in between reading this).  Take a slow, deep breath.  Pull that breath all the way down to your lower belly, feeling your lungs fill fully.  Feel your ribs expand and open up.  Hold the breath in for a bit, then…

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