Ascension Workshop

Live or via Zoom, held in the High Vibration of Sedona, AZ  12 Tuesdays, July 28-Oct 13, 2020  

About the Workshop

Ascension 12 Week Series FINAL

Ascension University

Creating Balance Within Workshop

12 Tuesday Evenings, July 28th through October 13   5:30-7:30 Pacific Time            Live or via Zoom

This Workshop will allow you to work with the concepts of Ascension more deeply.  This course content was given to Dr. Scott Werner by St. Germain.

This workshop will allow you to understand yourself and the concept of Ascension more deeply.

Course Schedule:

Week 1: Cooperation

Week 2: Know Thyself

Week 3: The Ideal

Week 4: Faith

Week 5: Virtue and Understanding

Week 6: Fellowship

Week 7: Patience

Week 8: Love

Week 9: Presence

Week 10: Cross-and the Crown

Week 11: God and I are One

Week 12: The Open Door


Series LIVE Workshop: 555.00
Series Zoom Workshop $333.00

Includes personal Feng Shui Kua analysis and Astrology snapshot for each participant

 What you will experience:

12 weeks of group spiritual teachings/training with Mally and Lori on Zoom and in person in beautiful Sedona

Followed by a Q and A and Ascended Master Blessings.

Each session will begin with a sacred mantra invocation

Followed by yoga Nidra and crystal bowl meditation prior to the Ascended Master teachings.

Weekly assignments and journaling suggestions to support your growth and build success toward your goals in personal transformation.

 Weekly topics to support your highest potential

Insight in developing personal mastery and greater happiness

Recipients will receive handouts, and a link to the videos for future viewing

Lori Cropped
Mally with bowls 6.2020
sedona sunrise