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Codes of Awakening Orlando FL

January 10-12, 2020

$197 for the entire weekend's presentations

Hours: Friday 6:30pm-8:30pm, Saturday 9am-9pm, Sunday 9-6:30pm

Raise Your Vibe through the weekend with sessions with 3 International Speakers & Authors: Brad Johnson, John DeSouza and Jason QuittSue Greenwald, founder of Empowered Light, will also do a brief presentation. This is a weekend packed with information, connection and experiences.  Between the presentations, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions, mingle, and learn more about what you can do to raise your vibration.  See details about the program and speakers below!

This event is held at the Springhill Suites Orlando/Lake Buena Vista, 8601 Vineland Ave, Orlando, FL 32821-6499, Main Phone 407-938-9001. Workshops are in the Village Hall room.

Rooms include breakfast. Parking is $15 per day. It's possible that the hotel may be sold out, so please call Lakeisha Richards at 407-938-4996 to see if there's available rooms.  Don't forget to mention that you're with the Codes of Awakening event!

There are plenty of restaurants and activities in this area for you to enjoy!

Seating is limited.  Please pre-purchase your tickets to ensure that there is space for you.  Presentations and events are offered at $197 for the entire weekend.

Special Event

Jason Quitt speaking

The Schedule

Tickets are $197 for all Presentations and Events

Friday January 10th

  • 5:30- 6:30 Attendee check in
  • 6:30-8:30  Brad Johnson Channeling Adronis: Codes of Awakening

Saturday January 11th:

  • 8:00-9:00 Attendee check in
  • 9:00-11:00  Jason Quitt Multidimensional Journeys, Altered States & the Unseen Worlds 
  • 11:30-1:30 John DeSouza Clear Hearers
  • 1:30-2:30 Lunch
  • 2:30- 5:30 Brad Johnson Spirit Ambassador Workshop Part I
  • 5:45-6:45 Sue Greenwald Using Spins and Doubles to Manifest
  • 7:00-9:00 Q & A panel with Brad Johnson, Jason Quitt & John DeSouza Q, the Cabal and Opening the New Age

Sunday January 12th:

  • 8:00-9:00 Attendee check in
  • 9:00-10:30 Jason Quitt Rebuilding The Energetic Matrix With The Egyptian Postures
  • 11:00-1:30  John DeSouza Hacking the Matrix: Becoming a Para-Investigator
  • 1:30-2:30  lunch
  • 2:30-6:30 Brad Johnson Spirit Ambassador Workshop Part II
Jason Quitt

Jason Quitt

Author, Energy Healer, and Int'l Speaker on Ancient Mysteries

A graduate of the Institute of Energy Wellness, and a student of Algonquin Shamanism, Jason has been training and working with many teachers, shamans, and traditional healers from around the world.

Jason is also the author and teacher of “Egyptian Postures of Power” & “The Yosef Codes” methods of personal healing and practice.  As a channeller of universal and dimensional energies of healing, Jason combines these methods and modalities of energy medicine, shamanism, and dowsing to assist those on their own personal paths of healing and enlightenment.

Jason is currently working on Tesla Magazine, TeslaMania Exposition & The Healing Field Documentary.  He speaks at all major UFO, Disclosure, and Holistic Conferences around the world!

Multidimensional Journeys, Altered States & the Unseen Worlds

Saturday January 11th

Jason explores Altered states and the Multidimensional vibrational nature of physical reality.  We are all walking the multidimensional path of life. This is a path of great beauty and challenges that deliver profound teachings of the universe around us. As humans awakened to this reality, we find ourselves part of the great mystery of the manifested and unseen worlds. By shifting our perception we can start to see and experience things beyond the physical and enter the realm of the Shamans, who can leave their bodies and traverse time and space to gather knowledge and healing.

These unseen worlds are deeply connected to our experience here on Earth. To live in harmony with nature we must remember our connection to these other worlds and the beings that inhabit them.

Rebuilding The Energetic Matrix With The Egyptian Postures

Sunday January 12th

The Egyptian Postures is an ancient system that were used by the ancient Egyptians in order to maintain optimal wellness and vitality. Just like Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, & Vedic Mudras; the Egyptian system utilizes the sacred movements, postures and geometry of the body to go in harmonic resonance with different universal energies. These energies are then used for specific purposes of ceremony, healing, enlightenment, and personal growth. For thousands of years these methods have been utilized to cleanse, balance, and align our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies with the natural life giving forces of the universe.

The Egyptian Postures and movements stimulate and activate our energetic systems, opens and clears our channels, meridians, and chakras; It assists us in gathering, building, and strengthening our polarities and energetic bodies, and connects us to our upper, lower, inner, and outer worlds. By doing these movements we are consciously connecting, strengthening, refining, and transforming our energies, which will enhance and bring harmony into our lives.



John DeSouza

Author & Former FBI Special Agent Investigator

John DeSouza was an FBI special agent working Counter-Terrorism and Para-Normal cases for over 25 years. He was also an attorney and maintained a Top Secret security clearance during his time in the US Government. John collected the true life X-Files that were used on the highly popular show The X FILES. He also shares many of these true life X-File cases in his best selling books: The Para-Investigators, The Extra-Dimensionals, and The Clear Hearers.

Clear Hearing Workshop

Saturday January 11th

CLEAR-HEARING-a unique gift wherein the individual perceives a Clear Voice of Authority that seeks the person's benefit, safety, and increase. (as seen on the new NBC TV show MANIFEST) JOHN DESOUZA has created the ultimate workshop for intuitives, perceptives and all Truth-Seekers who need to rise to the next level of perception-by hearing "The Calling."

In this workshop he reveals his own story as a CLEAR-HEARER. Also, he will unfold the methods and tools to transform from intuitive to transcendent Clear-hearers who can receive assistance from the GREAT VOICE-at will. John DeSouza will show examples of the most powerful CLEAR-HEARERS in history and he will show scenes from the new series MANIFEST that illustrate Clear-Hearing.

Today, John is revealing these stories as a leading researcher and writer on the paranormal.

Hacking the Matrix Workshop: Becoming Para-Investigators

Sunday January 12th

Para-Investigation is a systematic inquiry or investigation that utilizes rational scientific methods initially but then relies upon intuitive paranormal mechanism to resolve crimes and mysteries.

John DeSouza has created the ultimate workshop for UFO-hunters, ghost-hunters, mystery-seekers in any and all Truth-Seekers who need to rise up to the next level of being an investigator—with Superconscious abilities. In this workshop he reveals the methods and tools to transform from good conventional investigators to transcendent Para-Investigators who can pierce any deception, lift any cover story, undo any hidden mystery; no matter how hidden truth may be. He will show historical examples of the most powerful deceptions in criminal history and how Para-Investigators were able to overturn them, and he will show you how you can do the same.

JOHN DESOUZA was an FBI Special Agent investigator for over 20 years and collector of the real life "X-Files." He was an attorney and investigator who maintained a Top Secret security clearance for many years. This background infused him with an ability to decipher mysteries that are beyond conventional abilities.

Brad J

Brad Johnson

Int'l Channel & Metaphysical Teacher

Brad is the personal channel of the multidimensional consciousness known as Adronis. Brad's channeled information through Adronis has been expressed through many of his clients as "one of the most informative, authentic, transformative and revolutionary self-empowering experiences offered online!"

From psychic ability, channeling, healing, spiritual teaching, dream interpretation, the Akashic Records and more; Brad Johnson has developed these abilities to better understand how reality interacts with us on a personal and collective level. Brad has shared his knowledge with people from all over the world reflecting his empowering spiritual journey for over a decade. Brad shows us how we can form an intuitive relationship with the reflections of reality so that we can attract outcomes that serve our true aligned nature. Brad holds a natural conscious ability to connect with what could be called the higher mind, higher self or universal consciousness. He refers to this as the “Higher Mind State” as Brad possesses a natural ability to perceive and convey universal knowledge on a wide variety of subjects.

Based in Victoria, BC, Canada, Brad has developed his vast skill-set  to assist thousands of people from around the world for nearly a decade of his life. He is also an author, an international metaphysical public speaker and researcher. Brad Johnson has appeared on a wide variety of media from all over the world. His knowledge and wisdom shared with others is unlike any other spiritual facilitator. Brad holds a deep quickening of understanding the entire spectrum of spirituality and consciousness. His methods as a catalyst of transformation are unique and complimentary as he is capable of working with anybody to help them discover the true greatness they hold from within…

Adronis new


7th Density Sirian Multidimensional Consciousness

Adronis is the multidimensional consciousness channeled through Brad Johnson.  Throughout Adronis' communications, he has shared that his intentions are to be of service to humanity by sharing his knowledge and wisdom through Brad as a channeling conduit. In Adronis' specific meaning, "as Brad spiritually evolves, he will allow others to spiritually evolve with him through my interactions."

The connection to Adronis has become more pure and channelings have emerged with a greater depth of information.

Adronis has shared that he is now communicating through Brad as a seventh-density Sirian consciousness existing within the star of Sirius A itself where he is composed entirely of starlight.



Adronis: Codes of Awakening

Friday January 10th 6:30 PM

Adronis, a multidimensional consciousness that exists within the star of Sirius A, shares insight on using Spirit Codes, working with Spirit, and working with Energy.   He'll discuss the evolutions of Humanity, changes that Earth and Humanity will experience, and what you can expect.  He'll outline several tools that will assist with Ascension.

Adronis will speak for about 45 minutes, and then there will be opportunity for Q & A at the end of the channeled session

The Spirit Ambassador Workshop

2 day workshop - Saturday/Sunday - 3 hours each day

Attendees will be trained as an initiate spirit ambassador where they will be learning the fundamentals of psychic training, intuitive development and how to connect & communicate directly with Spirit. Students will also learn about the abilities of spirit light codes, commanding spirit and feeling instant effects as they perform healing on themselves and other fellow students in class.  This will be an experiential workshop!

Features of this 2-day workshop include:

– Working with the physical and energy body and activating the chakra centers to enhance psychic ability.
– The clair senses as well as identifying your current level of psychic ability.
– Learning about the Astral plane, time travel, out of body experiences and the Akashic Records.
–  How to ground and center yourself as a psychic and enhancing your body’s energy for psychic readings.
– Working with psychic flow and successfully interpreting messages.
– Working with the energy body and clearing physical, mental and emotional trauma through the EQ method and Spirit Light Code healing.
– Calibrating and enhancing the chakra centers, removing entity attachments, regenerating organs and bodily systems.

Please bring a pendulum to class with you.


Q & A Session: Q, The Cabal and Opening the New Age

Saturday January 11th at 7 PM

Jason, Brad and John will form a Q & A Panel where "anything goes".  They'll talk about Current Events, the Q Anon movement, and what the New Age will look like.  Your're free to ask ANY Metaphysical or Expo-Political question from any speaker (or all) to get deeper insight.

This is your time to get those questions answered!

Sue Updated Picture

Sue Greenwald Using Spins & Doubles to Manifest

Saturday January 11th at 5:45 PM

Learn a simple yet effective technique that you can use all the time to increase energy that will strengthen and help to manifest your desire. Once this technique has been explained, we'll spend the remainder of the time practicing it as a group--expect to see some results!!

Sue has studied several methods of energy healing, including Reiki, Pranic Healing, Arcturian Healing, and the AtaanaMethod. Using these methods has become second nature to her, as she is empathic & feels energy. Sue is a Yoga Instructor, Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Ordained Minister, in addition to Energy Healer. Sue loves to teach classes on Spiritual Development! She most recently operated a Wellness Center, and has created the Empowered Light Holistic Expo.

Hotels & Travel

Springhill Suites Orlando/Lake Buena Vista, 8601 Vineland Ave, Orlando, FL  32821

Rooms include breakfast.  Parking is $15 per day.  

Since the hotel may be sold out, please call Lakeisha Richards to see if there's a room for you, at 407-938-4996.  Make sure to mention that you're with the Codes of Awakening Event!  

Mention Empowered Light Holistic Expo or Codes of Awakening.

The Hotel has a pool, several restaurants and bars, with plenty of restaurants and attractions nearby.  Our presentations are in the Village Hall Room.