Why don’t we do this more often?

Ok, sit down now. Close your eyes (in between reading this).  Take a slow, deep breath.  Pull that breath all the way down to your lower belly, feeling your lungs fill fully.  Feel your ribs expand and open up.  Hold the breath in for a bit, then sloooooolwy exhale it out fully.

Notice how much better your feel after just one slow, deep breath?

Take another slow deep breath, like the one before.   Let your jaw loosen up, and let it hang from it’s hinges. Relax those muscles around your lips and mouth.  Now, smooth out the muscles around your eyes, and between your eyebrows.

Let your shoulders drop a little bit.  Roll them back, and let them fall away from your ears.  Maybe loosen up your neck a little by revolving your head and neck in slow, large circles.  Continue to breathe as slowly and deeply as you can, feeling the relaxation spread throughout your body.

Move your spine slowly, so that it starts to loosen up a little, and relax.  Let your hips unclench.  Continue with your slow, deep breathing.

That whole exercise took 30 seconds.  Look at how much better you feel, just by taking a few slow, deep breaths!

Why don’t we do this more often?

We can accomplish more and focus longer when we are relaxed.  Yet we continue to rush around 24/7 as if we are indispensable.  One thing that those who practice meditation, yoga or tai chi enjoy is that relaxed, calm and centered feeling afterwards.  The same problems are out there, but we can now handle them better as we’re calm.

Could you fit a few rounds of slow deep breath into your day?

I challenge you to breathe slowly and deeply several times per day for the next week, eyes open or closed.  Notice how you feel afterward, and see if it’s worth the effort!

Here’s another quick exercise that you can use to feel better immediately:  Pull Your Ears!  That’s right….pull your ears, move the cartilage around, pull your ears away from your head (carefully, of course….)  This will stimulate the meridians that run through that area, and you’ll feel better immediately.

Best of luck slowing down!

By Sue Greenwald



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