Our Body as Our Partner

What If….

The human body had a language of it’s own.

Our body has a way of interpreting what we need and continually guides us. Our body has memory of every thought, feeling & experience that we’ve had in this and all prior lifetimes, so it can see the bigger picture than our mind does.

We’ve all heard that we are composed of Mind, Body & Spirit, but not everyone has a clear understanding of how that works. Our Spirit works in tandem with our body, guiding the body, which is a separate thinking & feeling organism. Our Spirit and our Body provide guidance toward that which is in alignment with what we desire. When we are tuned in to our bodies signals, trust them, and follow them, we find that we have a smoother path for getting ahead in life more easily.

Our society is taught that our mind or intellect “rules”, and that our body is merely a bio mechanical organism that we command and control, rather than a unique partner that we work in tandem with. We are taught to work our bodies harder & longer, through tiredness or illness, to get our desired result through physical action, rather than listening to the internal messages & guidance that we’re given.  When sick, we use medications or surgery to remove the symptoms, and we proceed on, not treating the underlying causes of the illness.   Our body is disregarded except as something that we use to accomplish our actions.

We need to tame our thoughts, using them to determine our desires, and then tune into the direction our bodies take us in. The body uses feelings to direct us.  A good feeling means that we’re on the path taking us toward our desires, while a bad feeling means we should try a different option.  We’ve all had experience when we had that “red flag warning” feeling, ignored it, and then had a mess to sort out. Don’t ignore these feelings! Rather, try to uncover them even more & use them to the best of your ability. Once you start tuning into, using, and trusting these feelings & inner guidance, they will come more easily to you.

We need to work in partnership with our body, recognizes its language, and care for it to optimize our experience. When the body is cared for its language is more easily recognized and followed.  We are in line with Spirit, and our experiences are most likely those that we will appreciate rather than regret. We are more in the flow of our desired life.  Our bodies are far more important and necessary to us than we understand!

How we can uncover and discover these guiding feelings:

Be still & go within.  Just stop for a while and try to determine how you are feeling and what you should do next, before you kick in to action. Stop the multi-tasking:  phone, music, internet & TV all at once and just be silent for a short while. It is interesting to be in tune with yourself.

Develop a spiritual practice. Take time each day to tune into your spirit, by praying or meditating.  This will accelerate that feeling of being tuned in.

Do all you can to have a relaxed, healthy well rested and energized body. Get enough sleep, eat well, do light exercise, have a little fun. Recognize that your body is more than just a vehicle we use to do things.  It needs to be cared for more than just the bare minimum maintenance.

Trust that the internal language is present within you, even if you don’t currently feel it.  Learn to recognize your feelings by tuning into yourself after thinking.  It may take a few seconds to recognize the feeling, but typically after we’ve had an idea or a thought, we get a feeling that we can tap into.  Many times, this feeling is in our solar plexus or heart area. It may feel tingly or like energy moving, and a good feeling means to go ahead with your idea or plans. A bad feeling, one or fear or anxiety means to change the course of what you are thinking.

Eliminate the stress by slowing down!  Give yourself extra time between activities and appointments, and cut out things that don’t really matter or need to be done. Leave behind people, events or activities that are not soothing or nurturing, including negative or gossipy friends, TV shows or books.  Focus more on that which is uplifting and that which you like.

Surround yourself with peace & beauty. Create a pleasant work & home environment, peaceful or uplifting music, things that you like, positive & supportive friends, fun activities that you enjoy.  Develop hobbies & activities that you enjoy, and a supportive social circle.  Breathe!

It takes a little time and practice to tune into your body. Like anything, the more you practice tuning in to it, the easier and faster you will receive it’s messages and guidance, and the quicker you can be on your way to a life filled with that which you desire.

by Sue Greenwald


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