Prayer can be used to create Miracles

We have been trained from an early age to pray when we need something, hoping that God hears us and our prayers will be answered if we are worthy.  We speak the words that we are taught, trusting that our desires will be granted if we say the prayer “correctly”.

Rather than basing our desires on the words that we say, prayer is based in the feeling that we create in our bodies.  Prayer can be used to create miracles.

There are 3 main components that we work with: 

Thought, Feeling, and Emotion. When we have attained our balance with these 3 components, it does not create the miracle that we want, but creates the conditions for the miracle to occur in.  Prayer allows us to tune our biological circuitry to creation of our miracles.

Thought gives direction to our desires.  It is electrical in nature, and needs the power of our emotions to manifest more quickly. Emotions are magnetic in nature, and are the power source to drive our thoughts forward toward what we want.  Our emotions are experienced in our bodies, and are normally felt in our heart area.  Feelings are the union of thoughts and emotions, and allow us to create.

Our bodies are responders.  When thought, feeling and emotion are aligned, that is when our creation miracles occur. These components must be aligned to give our bodies the power to create.   The stronger our emotions and feeling are, and clearer that our intent and desire it, the more likely our desire will be created quickly. Energy follows our attention.

How to create Peace and Get into Alignment:

We need to align our thoughts, feelings and emotions to manifest our desires.  To start, we need to create a peaceful feeling in our body.  Then, love and positive emotions in our hearts create the signal that we send to our Brains, aligning with our thoughts, creating the conditions necessary for our prayer to be answered.

There are techniques that we can use to create peace and alignment with each component.  We will discuss these in more length later. Hint: yoga, tai chi or qigong are a great start.

Creating Peace in our Bodies and with our Emotions:

One easy way that we can feel peace in our body is to visit nature. Nature has a beauty and stillness that calms us automatically. We can let go of the stresses of modern life. We are more in tune with our natural rhythms. Sometimes, a quick walk around the block or trip to the local park is all we need to lift our spirits.

Choices that we make on a day-to-day basis affect our bodies and the feelings of peace that we experience.  These choices that we can make are: thought, feeling, emotion, breathing and relaxation, nutrition, exercise.

Most of us believe that the better-quality input our body experiences, the better we feel.  Initially, a poor choice will most likely not harm our body and our feeling of peace, but over time, the poor choices accumulate and cause us harm.   For example, not exercising may not initially impact us, but over time we may feel stiff, lose muscle tone, and feel sluggish.  The simple choice of light exercises each day can keep us feeling supple and energized.

Emotions have a direct effect on the world outside of us.  When we feel and project emotions, they extend out of our body and affect those surrounding us, creating a ripple effect. Initially, this ripple effect may be insubstantial, but after time, it can grow to enormous proportions. That’s why we all count.

We call our Emotions many names.  The spectrum of these emotions ranges from Love to Fear.  Positive thoughts and emotions have a lighter, higher vibratory pattern, where negative thoughts and emotions have a heavier, more sluggish pattern.

The more complex the vibratory pattern is, the more it can change the world.  In other words, the higher, lighter, and more positive our emotions, which we hold with strong intention, have the most effect upon creating our desires

Just think of what might happen when a group shares it’s strong, positive intention!

Why not spend a little time each day to feel Peace and focus on your desires?


By Sue Greenwald



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