Empowered Light Mugs



Empowered Light Mugs charged with healing frequencies to promote optimal health & wellnessempowered light expo mugs

Not only will you love the vibrant color with our Empowered Light Mugs, you’ll receive added benefits while drinking any beverage.

These mugs are charged with healing frequencies. Allow your  beverage to rest in this mug for about a minute, where it’ll absorb the healing frequencies.  You may potentially experience improvements from the following:

  • Collagen, to promote skin repair and slow aging
  • Moringa, an ancient Chinese Herb for overall wellness
  • DEP for DNA repair enzymes and probiotics
  • Anti radiation to protect you from cosmic rays x-rays and nuclear radiation
  • Brain booster for clear thinking ability
  • Pain relief (place the cup wherever there is pain)
  • Plant stem cell frequencies (like eating fresh green vegetables)
  • Ormus protects physical, mental and spiritual vitality
  • HGH (human growth hormone) for body repair
  • Liquid meal to provide frequencies of the central vitamins
  • Black seed oil & a 111 essential oils with a very wide range of aromatherapy benefits
  • Anti-aging to support reverse aging and stopping the aging process altogether
  • Glutathione an anti oxidant as well as promoting protein for cell synthesis

This is a quantum healing frequency, something that will work on the cellular level! There are more that have been added to the mug.

These Healing Frequencies are provided by HoloTech.  For more information about their frequencies, visit www.Holotch.biz

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