Saved by My Guardian Angel

By Sue Greenwald

In the mid 2000’s, I was in corporate sales and drove a minivan, so uncool. There was a console table in the middle of the seats where I’d keep my note book. I’d write notes while at stop lights without looking, no danger.
This instance, I had my pen in my hand with both hands on the steering wheel, getting ready to take a left.
The light turned green.
The pen was RIPPED out of my hand and thrown to the floor under my foot in a dangerous spot. I immediately knew it was done on purpose and did not proceed through the light.
At that moment, a tractor trailer ran through their red light at maximum speed in exactly the spot I would have been in.
I immediately thanked my guides for their assistance. I knew my life had been saved and was grateful that I had understood the message!  This was a very dramatic lesson to pay attention to guidance!



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