Discover the Treasure Map Your Ancestors left you in your eyes

Welcome to the amazing world of ancestral eye reading. Discover the map your ancestors left in your eyes of your gifts, talents, skills, and abilities; as well as their unresolved traumas. You will receive a digital macro photograph of your eyes and a quick sneak peek of what your eyes reveal with any paid ancestral eye reading.

You may purchase a dedicated video reading that is all about you, your eyes, and your ancestors (usually 35-45 minutes) or the International award winning My Eye Mag 36-page custom digital PDF report; or the All Ancestral package of both the custom PDF report and video. Early Bird specials and show specials will be available. Discover the world of your ancestors and how their images often appear in your eyes.

Amy Gillespie has been doing ancestral eye reading since 2010, as part of her self-discovery program for kids and adults. Author of “Six Years in Mozambique” and “The Lost Scribe” – Amy has worked in survival skills training for children and young adults most of her life, and her method of interpreting iris images, has been a huge part of this work. Being adopted and having met her birthparents as an adult has enhanced her own tool-kit of working with individuals in discovering the life they were born to

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