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Anna Swora

Perennial Astrology & Self-Awareness

The astrological chart can lead to a greater understanding of ourselves, bringing about a higher level of self-awareness as we uncover the positive and negative nature of who we are which then reveals the essence of our Soul Purpose.

Anna Swora is an astrologer and educator, who has been practicing astrology for the past 25 years. She’s certified as a Transpersonal Counselor and holds degrees in Filmmaking. Her astrology practice is based in Jungian psychology and the overlay of psychology and astrology. The purpose of her readings is to reveal psychological complexes which may affect and influence our behavior within relationships, with others and ourselves. The astrological chart can be an effective tool for exploring where these unconscious drives/complexes may reside, where the openings may be and ultimately, where we can experience a soul level transformation.

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