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Annabella Wood

Unified Physics – “Consciousness as Vibration”

You are not crazy, you’re ahead of the curve! Unified Physics, the science of connection is a new interpretation of the discoveries of Einstein, Tesla and other great minds from the early 20th century. We now have proof that Einstein’s “infinite energy everywhere” and Tesla’s “to understand the physical world, think in terms of vibration” are actual facts. Consciousness and vibration create infinite energy everywhere, giving rise to the physical world and the spiritual world. Come and learn the way psychic phenomena work.

Annabella Wood is an ordained Inter-faith minister, a certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie. She studied Physics at Bryn Mawr and received her BA in “Holistics, Religion, and Spirituality” from UI&U, an independent study program. Recently she has been studying Unified Physics at the Resonance Science Foundation and is a delegate and affiliate of the foundation. She recently traveled to Egypt and Peru and is active in UFO technology research.


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