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Ataana, Prosperity Healing Mantra….Tune in to Unlimited Prosperity!


Chanting and listening to the Prosperity Healing mantras connects & aligns you with the frequency of Unlimited Prosperity. This energy of Abundance includes having more than enough of everything: physical health, connection with God and the Universe, loving relationships, as well has having more than enough money. In this session, you’ll learn how & why to do the mantras, and chant them for 11 minutes. Utilize these mantras daily. Every time you listen and chant the mantras, you’re amplifying your prosperity consciousness! More frequent use will help propel you to increased prosperity.​

Ataana is an Intuitive Crystal and Energy healer, and Author. Ataana has several Albums published, including the Prosperity Healing Mantras. He works with Groups and individuals to assist their spiritual awakening,

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