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Autumn Relyea

Marconics: Ascension Mechanics and Thriving in the New Earth Paradigm

At the end of 2012 the Earth was repositioned on the Galactic Plane, aligning with the center of the galaxy and exposing us to new bandwidths of frequency emanating from the cosmos. This alignment has created a window of opportunity for humanity to raise the collective vibration, one individual at a time, to experience the return of Christ Consciousness. Children and young adults are the new generation of higher-vibrational”Wayshowers;” learn how to support this Shifting planetary energy and anchor the light for the New Earth with Marconic-Energy; as well how to assimilate ascension frequencies and activate higher light encodements for your own personal development and deep healing in the true evolution of ‘Lightbody.’

Autumn Relyea is a Teacher-Practitioner of Marconics. She works with a team of teachers here in the Northeast who have been trained by & work closely with Marconics founders to bring Marconics, and the wonderful assistance that its frequencies are here to provide, to our world. They are excited to be expanding their light to the Philadelphia area.

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