For 31 years, Blue Turtle has served the metaphysical community as an intuitive counselor and teacher. He helps you to grow into your creative and spiritual gifts so you can serve the Divine in your fullest capacity living your peace and joy. Blue Turtle comes from a maternal intuitive Iberian-Eastern European- Serbian-Croatian lineage with his paternal line as the Ashkenazi-Levite, which cared for the female presence of God in the Temple in Jerusalem. He shares a direct DNA ancestor with Tutankhamen, Rameses II, Pharaoh of the Exodus, Queen Victoria, and Martin Luther. Blue Turtle’s messages from Shockara Starbeings, Mother of Light, Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde, and Mahatma Gandhi are published in Sedona Journal of Emergence.

Discover Your Intuitive Self! During this informative, experiential, meditative talk, you will grow in touch with your deepest connection with the Divine to replenish and envision your potential. We will create a supportive, safe space with the healing energies coming in to embrace us.

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