Camille Delgrippo

Practical Magic–It’s easier than you think!
Saturday , Evolve Room

Keeping up with a magickal practice might seem hard, but in this lecture, we’ll talk about easy ways to make each day magickal in a practical way. We’ll talk about daily rituals, spiritual hygiene, how to honor and give offerings to dieties and spirits, and how to ask for assistance without bogging down your busy day.

Camille DelGrippo, has been studying the realms of spirit and magick since she was young. Her passions drove her to become a healer, where she studied Holy Fire Reiki and other forms of Energy Healing to create the healing sessions she offers today. Part of her passion is sharing her knowledge and experiences with others through teaching Reiki Classes, Workshops, and one-on-one Mentoring. Her goal is to make spirituality accessible and achievable on a daily basis

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