Russian Pyramids:  The Geometry is Hiding in Plain Sight

All pyramids are passive torsion generators, and therefore producers of chi/prana/orgone/aetheric energy; however, those pyramids incorporating Sacred Geometry into their construction are the most effective. This lecture will begin by reviewing the Sacred Geometry of the Giza and Nubian Pyramids. We will then discuss the special Sacred Geometry of Russian Pyramids, which information has not been available (at least in the West) until our recent discoveries at the end of 2018. We will then relate the Sacred Geometry of the Russian Pyramid to that of the Giza Pyramid and present some new theories on the ability of the Russian Pyramid to more effectively connect to higher dimensions.

Charlie Ziese received his BA and MBA degrees from Dartmouth College. After a successful Wall Street career, he developed his individual Russian Sacred Geometry Pyramids and has been heavily involved in researching the Sacred Geometry of these pyramids and their usefulness in achieving higher levels of consciousness. He is the owner of, which manufactures and sells Russian Sacred Geometry Pyramids. He lectures on pyramid science and the role of pyramids in achieving healthy, more conscious lives. He resides in Duncannon PA outside Harrisburg.

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