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Dalien, aka 13 Hands

DALIEN brings 25 years of yoga, sound, shamanism and sound experience with an incredibly inspiring journey of curing a near-death battle of Crohns, Colitis and other severe challenges of his endocrine system.

Speaking Schedule

Shamanic Sound Meditation & Healing Concert

Saturday 4 PM, Transform Room

13HANDS (aka Dalien) is a 2 Time Grammy nominee, Professor of Yoga and national wellness presenter who plays over 35 instruments across world cultures and varied genres of music. This deeply meditative and tribal inspired, interactive, kirtan/chant sound and music experience will inspire you to express your voice, relax your mind and feel this thread of connection with one another in this very special shamanic, sound healing, high vibes and really fun community experience together! This sound/concert experience is included with your Saturday day or full weekend expo ticket!! You are free to also just stop by the concert on Saturday as well.

Stress, Sleep & Sound – The Digestive System

Sunday 2 PM, Awaken Room

Want to get in touch with your organs and chakras a little more? Want to create more balance and understanding about this very divine and powerful relationship and conversation going on inside you? If so, then you will love this very thorough, experiential and informative presentation! His joy, optimism about life, amazing sense of humor and passion for sharing will inspire you on your own wellness and spiritual path. If you or anyone you care about doesn’t sleep well, manages PTSD/anxiety issues and/or has any digestive challenges, then by all means come and join in on this presentation that will provide you with real-life tools, applicable wisdom and powerful sound/vibrational support in order to FEEL this presentation, not just HEAR it.

Dalien’s personal health journey of healing his ravaged endocrine system through various holistic and spiritual methods helped him overcome Crohns/Colitis, chronic fatigue, leaky gut syndrome, spinal and head trauma, jaundice, respiratory and circulatory issues and other associated endocrine system and digestive challenges. Dalien’s a survivor, does his best to walk his talk, a 25-year yoga instructor, professor, national wellness presenter and 2 time Grammy nominee who travels and shares these important teachings.


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