Initiation to the Order of Melchizedek

Friday 10 AM until 4 PM, $200 Per Person, paid in advance

The Initiation into the Order of Melchizedek is a sacred ceremony, where you will receive a high level attunement of Melchezedek energy. This energy will take 7 years to integrate into your body.

You will learn about Melchizedek, and how to use this energy in your everyday life. Hear fascinating stories about Tom Sawyer, and some of the unknown miracles that he performed. You will be a legally ordained minister at the end of this class, able to perform weddings, funerals and baptisms.

Reverend Dan Chesbro, of the Sanctuary of the Beloved, is an ordained minister, intuitive counselor, author, lecturer and teacher. In 1986 he received the guidance, “It is time to call the Priests.” Having ordained over 17,000 people under the Order of Melchizedek since then, the stories of how it has transformed people’s lives are remarkable. Whatever your calling in becoming ordained – to officiate weddings, raise your vibration, or have a transformational experience – you can have any or all of these by participating, and receive an “energy boost” to enhance the work you are already doing

This class starts at 10 AM and runs till about 4 pm. Please bring snacks and wear comfortable clothes. This class is $200.
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