Business Alchemy

Creating Abundance, Flow and Joy through the Divine Feminine Principals

Traditional business models are changing and we are now being called to create from a new place; the Divine Feminine.   This new energy coming forth represents the receptive field of love, compassion and wisdom.  We are starting to see this shift in traditional advertising in the mainstream and it will continue as this wave of receptivity gains momentum. This is the future of business. This means authentic self-expression, less doing and more being!

Together, we will explore the energies available to you to co-create with the Divine Feminine, so you may use your innate gifts and tap into your business’s soul mission. Every business has a Consciousness in the grid of divine perfection.  When we do this from within, the flow naturally begins.  We call this Business Alchemy!

During the workshop, we will work with the energy of your business to activate abundance, joy and creative self-expression in service to your organization and to humanity.


  1. Align and magnetize your business with the receptive nature of the Divine Feminine to call it into being verses trying to make it happen
  2. Transforming obstacles into opportunities.
  3. Your business becomes the expression of your soul gifts.
  4. Create a light vortex to support your business for expansion, flow, prosperity and joy.
  5. Work becomes PLAY time!

Denise uses the tools she has learned from studying a variety of healing modalities, including Feng Shui, Geomancy, Sacred Geometry, Reiki and numerous types of energy healing practices. Denise has traveled to many sacred sites throughout the world including; the United States, Canada, India and Ireland.  She shares a close affinity with the dolphins, whales and the elementals.

She is the co-founder of Alchemy: The Soul of Transformation an organization dedicated to supporting humanity. She works with individuals and groups in corporate, educational and community organizations.  Denise is also the CEO of a marketing strategy and business development based in Philadelphia.

Denise’s teaching style is based on her intuitive and empathic gifts which have guided her spiritual path since her early 20’s.


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