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Dr. Deka Rodger ND

How to Live a Long Healthy Life

The two people below are roughly the same age.  What causes such a difference?  The body is not programmed to get sick, it’s what we continually feed it with that makes it sick.  Over 90 % of Americans are nutritionally deficient every single day of their lives, and over 95 % of Americans are walking around constantly de-hydrated and they don’t even know it.

Society has not done a good job in educating us fellow Americans in how to live a long, sick free healthy life.  The question is why? You being continually sick is a huge business for big pharma, it pays volume.  This is why you should come and listen to a Naturopathic Doctor and learn what he calls “preventive medicine”, which gives you the information you need now to implement changes so that you too can have that  long sick free energetic life style.

What type of life are you creating for yourself?

After losing his young sister to the treatments of cancer, Dr. Rodger ND knew there had to be a better way. After hunting down people who had cured themselves naturally he knew his mission in life had changed. He decided to go back to school getting qualified in Human Clininical Medical Nutrition, and continued in the field of education becoming a Doctor of Naturopathy.


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