How to Connect to the Universal Consciousness and the Creator of All That Is

Find answers to all of your questions about health, relationships, career and life purpose.   You’l leave with hands on techniques for harnessing this energy so that you can stay in balance and vibrate at a higher frequency.  There will be live demonstrations to practice these techniques and take them with you. These tools will help you shift anytime. You will have access to tuning your body and mind in a healing state by controlling this energy.  Dr. Sean is the founder of the Nutritional Wellness Center that serves locally and around the world through online and remote testing.

Dr. Sean is a board certified Nutritionist, a natural medicine doctor and has a masters degree in Human Nutrition.  His back ground is in Bio-chemistry and functional medicine. Dr. Sean is an advanced trained practitioner in Autonomic response testing, has studied nutrition response testing, is a Reiki master and teacher, advanced Pranic energy healer, Theta Healer, and Neuro Emotional technique  (NET)Practitioner. He also created The energy Block release Technique (EBRT) to help people remove stuck energy and emotions that are causing a person to feel stuck and/or physical pain in the body.


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