Often, this is a common “pairing” that an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person finds themselves in over and over again and yet, they wonder why it is. The goal of this workshop is to help people who are Empaths or Highly Sensitive People recognize how and why this happens and how to “break the loop” of repeating the pattern over and over again when a piece of why this happens is something they like about themselves. Narcissists attending will have a much better understanding of what these traits do to the Empath and Highly Sensitive Person and how they can assist in building a relationship driven from the heart instead of the head. –Time will be allotted at the end of the workshop for people to ask their personal questions.

Eileen Strange, The Soul Shepherd is an international Psychic, Mediumship and Medical Intuitive reader, coach and healer. She has been recognized by Strathmore’s International Who’s Who Women of Excellence in the field of Holistic Healing as a VIP Member for the work she does through her readings and energy work. She works with various healing modalities that can be found on her website and credits her abilities to be related to her being an Intuitive Empath. People who are Empaths or Highly Sensitive People often seek her out to help them navigate an often difficult journey of being the person they are here to be.

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