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Gabriele Weber

Gabriele Weber

Your Magic Butterfly – Sacred Key Codes

The heartbeat of our magic Butterfly is roaring to come out and play! The Butterfly Frequency is a Sacred Key Code Frequency which opens our 12 strand DNA that allows us to “Play and Surrender with Trust.” Science has determined we are only using 2 strands of our DNA, but we have 12 strands that are unopened. Through Butterfly and other Key Code frequencies we open more of our strands of DNA through activations, healings, techniques and channelings by Gabriele. By awakening these strands we receive more possibilities, new pathways, new ideas, creativity, intuition, trust, love and greater purpose that can flow into us. Some easy tips and techniques to help you awaken your 12 strand Butterfly self will be given. A few audience members will be picked to demonstrate certain new healing modalities – frequencies.

Intuitive & Multi-dimensional healer Gabriele Weber has worked with MD’s, lectured at Universities, and been on TV & Radio. She holds degrees in Psychology and Health.


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