Angel Talk 101: Easy Ways to Tune into the Angels

Have you ever wondered what your Angels are trying to tell you? What if you could ask them anything you wanted…and they actually answered? Good news – you can! This talk lays the foundation for easily connecting with your Angels each and every day. You’ll learn the most common types of Angelic channeling, simple techniques to enhance communication, how to quickly quiet mind chatter so you can hear their message, and so much more.

Hope Lux is an Angelic writer and channel, intuitive empath and creator of The Angel Writer – and she’s all about helping you move forward, look ahead, smile from the inside out with the love and guidance of the Angels. For years, she’s been receiving channeled messages from the Angelic realm. She has a special interest in tapping into the hope, help and healing of the Angels to comfort those who are suffering from chronic pain and illness, or who are feeling loss or lost from life’s detours.

Visit Hope at, on Instagram @theangelwriter or on Facebook @TheRealAngelWriter

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