TranscendArt Workshop

Tired of dealing with stresses and problems? Wish you could change the same old emotions and thought patterns that play like a tape in your mind? Then the TranscendArt Workshop is for you. You’ll be led through a crystalline, guided meditation that bathes your mind in color and light. Profoundly relaxed, you’ll find and experience a refreshing new spiritual landscape. This is your soul place, your well of renewal, your place to think, feel, live, and create in new ways. When you emerge from the meditation, you’ll create a free-form art piece of this inner divine space. Your unique work of beautiful art will visually remind you of the wondrous realms and energies inside you.

About Jane
Jane Berends is a fine art professional with far-ranging experiences—from designing stage sets and teaching popular acrylic painting courses to creating scenic elements for museums and trade shows. Her work has been featured in exhibitions, most recently in California and Pennsylvania. Jane holds a bachelor’s degree from the College of New Jersey in graphic arts, interior design, and theater production. In her TranscendArt workshops she combines her artistic expertise with her background in Reiki, yoga, and meditation.

I believe we’re all drawn to an ever-present profound force—the unified energy of humanity that includes all our experiences and awareness. How we connect to the force determines what we attract into our lives. My motivation is to help people realize they can access their connection directly to source. My purpose and service are to gently facilitate encounters with the individual brilliance in each of us. — Jane Berends

Contact Jane Berends: Call/text 267-918-9964 or Email [email protected]

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