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Joanna Chodorowska

Joanna Chodorowska

Being Whole Starts with Love

Friday at 7 PM in the Awaken Room

Have you ever felt like you just weren’t yourself? Or you felt incomplete and unfulfilled? You yearn for your life to be different, but you have no idea where it went astray let alone how to make it feel more complete. You want to reconnect to you and what your need…and want in life.

Join Joanna as she discussed her journey from competitive athlete, to adrenal fatigue, starting over, and reconnecting to who she is and how her life’s purpose became apparent. You will learn how holistic nutrition, Path To Heal energy work and essential oils help you to remember who you are at your core…You will find when you nourish the body, mind and soul, you can fill the emotional hurts from childhood and fall in love with your whole life. She will also have her book, Messages of Love & Inspiration for Every Moment available.