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Joanna Chodorowska, BA, NTC, METS, TPTH

What about me?

You wake up one day and you feel over-tired, over-stressed and over-whelmed. Everything hurts. You don’t feel like yourself.  You want your old body back, you want your energy back. You want fulfillment.  But where do you have time to take care of you and your dreams?   You barely have time to take care of everything on your to do list…You’re running out of time…

Join Joanna as she discusses her journey from competitive Ironman triathlete, to overcoming adrenal exhaustion, starting over, connecting to her true self, her life’s purpose and finding true balance by honoring her own needs first.  Joanna will share her secrets on how to restore the body by nourishing the body, the mind and the senses. She will share practical ways to put your oxygen mask on first to honor you on all levels of your being.

Live that fulfilling life you want by loving YOUrself at your core first.

Joanna Chodorowska (Hoteraska) is the founder and CEO of Nutrition in Motion – a sports nutrition therapy coaching company inspiring athletes to have more fun by nurturing their body, mind and soul not just their sport. She is a holistic nutrition therapy coach, energy worker, minister, author and competitive triathlete.

Joanna helps you identify the cause of your symptoms and uses real food nutrition therapy, The Path To Heal energy work and essential oils to ‘fix’ the issue for good. She restores balance from inside out so you can perform at your full potential, with loving, peace and fun every day.
She specializes in GI distress, pain and stress management, fatigue and sports nutrition. She is also the author of Messages of Love & Inspiration for Every Moment to inspire all of us to respond with love including of self first.
Find your amazing today, tomorrow and beyond!

Nutrition for body, mind, spirit and sport.

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