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John DeSouza, The X-Man: A Paranormal Life

John DeSouza,  The X-Man: A Paranormal Life

Saturday at 4:30 PM

This Presentation will be LIVESTREAMED for those that can’t attend, purchase tickets in advance

John DeSouza The X-Man has finally compiled the cases and investigations that made him The X-Man at the FBI. Here are the cases and investigations that can now be revealed-from the infamous Super-Soldier bank robbers to the Prison Poltergeist Case and in many more in between. Here are the stories of attempted abductions, the MIB, the Black Ops Squad encounters, and the many UFO cases that were hidden behind a steel curtain of purposeful Government disinformation; meant to stop people from learning the truth about Alien Visitors.

Updated for 2019, the X-Man documents several UFO cases that he is learned are all AUTHENTIC EXTRATERRESTRIAL cases. He will also document the global elite’s previous efforts to bury these cases, which were successful-until now. X-Man, A Paranormal Life; reveals above all that Disclosure isn’t real because what will happen is Alien Revelation and it is coming soon-directly to us from Alien Visitors on a massive scale.



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