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Karen Cressman

Karen Cressman

Wisdom from THE WISE ONES and Light Language Toning

Sunday 10:30 AM, Transform Room

Do you have a question you would like to ask a zany, fun, uplifting and empowering group of ascended masters known as THE WISE ONES? Please join us to laugh, hear an inspiring special group message and get your question answered to receive divinely guided wisdom! Karen will also be singing/toning interdimensional Light Language vocals and sounds to assist you to clear, clean, and balance your energy field, which will shift you to a higher vibratory resonance, offering you a greater ability to hear and receive Divine Guidance within.

Karen Cressman is an Intergalactic Shaman, Spiritual Interpreter and Self Empowerment Coach, who brings forth wisdom from higher realms and other dimensions, to assist you in healing and remembering your Soul’s essence and purpose. Karen’s purpose is to help us remember the beautiful Light Essence that already exists in each one of us … and in all that is. Her passion is to guide and empower YOU to learn how to unconditionally Love Yourself!

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