How Fiction Stories Heal The Soul

As an energy healer and published novelist with more than fifteen years of experience helping people heal and sharing messages through fiction stories, KristaLyn realized that healing and entertainment are linked through the mind. When we read and picture the story, we put ourselves in the hypnotic theta brainwave where subconscious beliefs can be resolved and the mind, soul, and body can be reminded how to heal.

KristaLyn will explain how this is possible and introduce how writers can tap into the secret of writing stories that not only entertain their readers, but heal them as well.

KristaLyn is an internationally bestselling author, certified holistic practitioner, and intuitive coach who helps people attract the lives they want to live with the one thing they can’t control: Divine timing.

Graduating from Susquehanna University, KristaLyn knows what to do with a BA in English. She has published nearly ten books in both fiction and nonfiction, all with motivational themes of being your own hero and serving the world through your unique talents and gifts, which she knows everyone was born with.

For her thirteenth birthday, KristaLyn’s mother took her on her first of many mission trips, introducing her to how a single person can make a large impact on the world, one fellow human being at a time. Thanks to this, KristaLyn has spent more than a decade serving others through coaching and holistic therapies. She is certified in life, spiritual, and health coaching, various holistic modalities including Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Healing, Advanced IET, and Advanced ThetaHealing®, with additional certifications in Hellenistic Astrology and Chirology.

A paragon of the millennial generation, KristaLyn entertained a variety of jobs ranging from amusement park showgirl, Group Mission Trips’ Week of Hope Program Coordinator, and Disney World Cast Member as she pursued her dreams of sharing her message with the world.

KristaLyn lives in a treehouse in Elysburg, Pennsylvania with her husband and corgi, Jack, and cooperates with her family to help revitalize the Coal Region of Pennsylvania to a new, sustainable glory.


Email: [email protected]

Social Media Handle: @AuthorKristaLyn

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