The Creative Portal

In creativity we are in “flow” a space where brainwaves are in their prime to opening up to incredible self-healing, gifts, solutions and epiphanies. Experience creating a haiku right now, that will help you to design your immediate future transformation, that will move you to joyful tears. Imagine creating a drawing that can speak to your past blocks and give you to tools to open into unleashing potential and illuminating buried intuitive gifts, even surpassing what you have consciously experienced now. Help your clients, your family, friends and, yourself to ignite your awe and enter the creative portal.

Michele Paiva, trauma survivor and thriver, is a licensed psychotherapist who has used the gifts of nature, creativity and body energy in her work with clients over the past thirty years. She has a growing Youtube Channel on the topics of relationships, love, empath and anxiety. Her Podcast, available on Apple, iTunes, Spotify and iHeartRadio has a reach of over 2 million listeners. A former news anchor in the Philadelphia region, she has always been involved in the concept of community and the collective consciousness. She has several post-doctorate certifications through Harvard, as well as being Mindfulness Certified through Massachusetts General Hospital. She has moved her private practice to online, outreach-based (just $2 a month) and it is steeped in creative self-healing strategies, challenges, skill-building and support. For each client who signs up, she donates to help feed ten hungry children, per month, and collectively, plants 1000 trees a year to feed the earth.

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