Journey to your Divine Self using the Theta Healing Method

Accelerate your personal healing journey through learning Theta Healing® ! Join us for an opportunity to experience the powerful technique that can help you identify, heal and shift self-limiting beliefs and rewire your brain to live life with positive thoughts and better emotional and physical balance. We will go through the basic philosophy and demonstrate the meditation which allows you to access the theta brainwave, where you can manifest your goals with 90% effectiveness.

About Michele Parad:

Michele Parad is a healer, spiritual guide, and founder of Sanctuary Roots. A born empath and psychic, she has studied for many years esoteric and mystical topics including kabbalah, alchemy and quantum physics. Michele is a certified ThetaHealer®, Life Activation Practitioner and Max Meditation instructor with the Modern Mystery School. She works with change-makers and social innovators – those seeking to better themselves and the world around them – to unblock what is holding them back from discovering their purpose or achieving their dreams. By activating one person at a time, she aims to have a real effect on the mass consciousness, to help humanity reawaken to their power, creativity and freedom. Based in the Washington, DC area, Michele offers her wisdom and modalities to clients across the U.S. and internationally

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