Beyond Abraham – Seth Speaks Again – A Live Channeling Event, $30

This is the very beginning of a whole new journey – a whole new connection to the spiritual wisdom of Infinite Intelligence. 

Many have wondered what will come after Abraham. This is the Next Stage of Humanity’s Awakening and Ascension journey. We are unlimited beings exploring the experience of forgetting and rediscovering our true nature.

This Seth experience will follow the pattern established by Abraham. A message from the Universe followed by live unscripted Q & A from select audience members.

Do you have a deep question you would like to ask the Infinite Intelligence? This is your chance.

You already know if you are meant to be here. If your heart jumped at the news, that’s your sign. Excitement is one of the ways our inner beings communicate with us. If you have “asked” for more wisdom like that shared by Abraham, it has been given.

About Michelle Bunting:

Michelle Bunting began her journey in 2018 with a deep interest in past life regression. She did dozens of them for herself and others. Then came a regression that wasn’t a regression, it was an opening, an experience of the Universe and the preparation for her becoming a channel – although she didn’t know what that was at the time. 

Michelle had a strong desire to understand – strong questions about the nature of life and reality. Ask and it is given! Michelle then had what she calls “the I Am experience” where she was touched by the Source and she began channeling, although she still didn’t understand the experience at that time. This seminal experience was recorded by a close friend, as were her prior regression experiences. 

In Michelle’s “I Am experience” she was shown a glimpse of the enormity of what was about to unfold. There were millions of beings observing her interaction with the I Am, which lasted 20 minutes. She saw the group known as Abraham in the huge audience as well as the group entity known to many as Seth as all eyes were upon her. 

Then the I Am introduced Michelle to Seth to begin the next stage of her journey of rediscovering the nature of personal reality. The I Am experience included a glimpse of what Abraham means when they say “There is great Love here for you.” The emotion was so overwhelming that it was literally breathtaking. This session was also recorded.

Michelle also has a private practice she calls, The Consciousness Cultivator.  Utilizing multi-pronged consciousness modalities, Michelle has helped many people of all ages and backgrounds awaken and expand their inner power, and construct the communication highway between the self and the Superconscious Mind – the Soul.

As an educator of the quantum mechanics of the Law of Attraction, Michelle navigates clients through the Process of Creating the Life You Want through her multi-pronged approaches and through her speaking engagements.Michelle provides Past Life Regressions (PLR), Future Life Progressions (FLP), Live Channeling sessions, and Vibrational Coaching services as “now time” tools that are designed to transform spiritual growth and assist in the expansion of her clients’ consciousness.

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