Living in Love

We all know what it means to be in love, but what does it mean to be living in love? In this presentation, I share the four habits of L.O.V.E. gleaned from my profound spiritual experiences and messages given to me by Divine source. When practiced daily, theses habits promote steady soul growth, and help raise the vibration of others around you. Woven throughout, I will share anecdotes from near-death experiencers that highlight living in love.

Nancy van Alphen is a former agnostic who experienced a profound awakening, detailed in her book, “Caught Between Heaven & Earth.” Prior to her experiences, Nancy was grounded in evolutionism, having earned a degree in anthropology/archaeology from Oberlin College. Her cultural studies segued into a 30+ year marketing career, the skills of which she now puts to use supporting the International Association for Near-Death Studies – an organization in which she found a kindred community of souls sharing the same messages she’d been given.


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