The Dance of The Light Workshop

Come with a vision of something you desire in your life and allow me to be your guide on an inner journey to empower this vision. During the workshop, you will plant a seed of light along with healing sounds, your own breath and movement, giving it life to grow and expand. I will be journeying with you to other dimensions and as I enter these higher levels of consciousness, I will be creating a bridge through which you can access your own higher self, bringing more clarity and insights pertaining to your vision. I invite you to join me in a journey to birth a creator in you, giving life to your desired vision and manifesting it into reality.

About Odette:

After facing her biggest fear of being and living in her most authentic soul’s vibration, Odette became a channel of the dance of light in which symbols appear as she travels through space and time to different dimensions, encountering light codes with specific colors and geometric shapes. Odette now guides others to connect with their true essence through breathwork, sound therapy and movement.


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