Raising Your Manifestation Vibration Healing Session

This session will help you release all blocks to abundance, helping you discover your entitled Path to Prosperity. The healing session will be led by Rebecca Cohen, founder of The Path to Heal. She will use The Path to Heal to uncover your blocks to discovering and owning your powerful natural authority and gifts. Rebecca will then use The Path to Heal’s high vibrational tools to help you release your blocks. Once these blocks are released you will live in your manifestation vibration and your dreams naturally manifest.

Rebecca Cohen is the founder of the healing modality The Path to Heal, a remarkable system that utilizes specific protocols and muscle testing to quickly uncover the psycho-spiritual root of health conditions, and then utilizes angelic healing in the form of crystals, sound therapy and sacred essences to restore the body to health and our lives to abundant joy. Rebecca is the author of 10 books, has created 7 card decks infused with angelic healing energy, and teaches workshops on Path self-health techniques.

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