Increasing Your Business’ Profits Healing Session

When you are aligned with your heart, and develop a business through this alignment, your business will always be there to supply exactly what the world needs. When you run a business that is not aligned with your heart, an easy path to profitability often doesn’t exist. This healing session will use The Path to Heal’s 15 Minute Wonder technique (which is a high vibrational chakra alignment), to remove all blocks to recognizing your heart-felt desires and then gives you the courage to choose to align your business and work-life to your heart. When the alignment occurs, the wonder happens. Your path to profitability is guided, well-lit and easy to follow. Muscle testing (applied kinesology) will also be taught so that it is easier to make guided decisions when creating your dream business or work-life situation.

Rebecca Cohen is the founder of the healing modality The Path to Heal, a remarkable system that utilizes specific protocols and muscle testing to quickly uncover the psycho-spiritual root of health conditions, and then utilizes angelic healing in the form of crystals, sound therapy and sacred essences to restore the body to health and our lives to abundant joy. Rebecca is the author of 10 books, has created 7 card decks infused with angelic healing energy, and teaches workshops on Path self-health techniques.

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