Your Lotus Petals and the 16 Energy Gateways, Etheric Cords and your Skull Cap

What are they and how do they help you access more of the ‘good stuff.’  Energy, we all want more of the ‘good stuff.’ Accessing your Lotus Petal energy can bring a new awareness of what energies you can tap into for more strength and confidence. We will combine this knowledge with information about etheric cords and your Crown chakra cap. Let’s clean up our etheric body, get it back to zero point, so that the ‘good stuff’ is the energy you work with for an amazing feeling you.

Richelle Kemper, Restoration Master Energy Healer specializing in clearing a client’s Etheric Field to bring their energy back to ‘zero point.’ As a Channel for the Archangels and Ascended Masters, these are the energies used to restore the energy body back to purity. Residing in Denver Colorado, Richelle works remotely with her clients to open up all available energy gateways so that they may feel Strong and Confident in our beautiful world.

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