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Ruth Ratliff


This transformative presentation combines storytelling weaved with science, backed by inspiring and dramatic audio-visuals to convey the potential of the voice for empowerment, healing and spiritual connection. Ruth includes personal accounts, as well as experiences of her clients and cutting edge research to illustrate and support this timely topic. These compelling examples set the stage to open the listener to a new way of holding their voice, as an amazing tool for effective, heart-centered communication, healing and spiritual awakening.

Approximately 45 minutes, with the addition of an interactive session demonstrating the vocal practices talked about in the presentation, if time allows.

Through recovering from childhood trauma and the tragic deaths of her family at an early age, Ruth has learned how to harness the power of her voice for healing and empowerment. As a 40 year voice professional, she brings a wealth of knowledge of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our voices as a tangible force that has a direct effect on our health and well being. As a seasoned performer, she is an engaging and compelling speaker that will guide you through an amazing journey to explore one of the most powerful tools we have for effective, heart-centered communication and healing. Ruth studied vocal performance and pedagogy at Mannes Music College in New York City, The New School for the Arts in Montclair, NJ, and Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ. Ruth is also a published author. Her book entitled “The Voice of Women’s Wisdom.” can be found on She and husband Jim have been welcoming students and clients to their home studio Jemini Music in Hope, NJ. She holds a Level 1 certification in sound healing and is also certified in Shoden Reiki Level I.


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