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Shari Lynn

Shari Lynn

Embracing the Fall of the 3rd Dimension while Navigating 5th Dimensional Consciousness
Saturday 5 PM, Evolve Room

Shari will discuss the Higher Dimensional assistance streaming into our Now elevated consciousness. You are incarnated at this time to do great deeds and assist humanity in its evolution! Learn what it means to let go of a limited consciousness, Embrace a New World in a New Way, and usher in New Vibrational Healing and Sustainable Ways of Living.

Shari Lynn is a gifted insightful visionary and energy worker with over 30 years of study in the Esoteric. A UFO Contactee and Activator of Higher Dimensions Shari empowers others to embrace this Awakening of Humanity to be Ambassadors of Peace and Healing. Shari shares through her own experiences and work with Higher Dimensions to shift old paradigms to welcome the New Earth Humanity. Shari Lynn is the Creator of Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs and The Global Inter-Galactic Healing Experiment in Ohio