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Sudha Allitt

Speaking Schedule:

Saturday at 11:30 AM in the Awaken Room

The Path of Psychic Union. Yoga.
Psychic union is the experience of Self-realization, together with a profound sense of all that is sacred in this realm and includes the experience of ‘god-consciousness’. Join Sudha for an inspiring and insightful exploration that answers many questions, including ‘what is psychic Union?, how do I get there?, how do I overcome obstacles to the experience of Self?, and what are the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of absolute unity?’
Join Sudha for this soulfully uplifting discussion, which will also include simple but effective techniques for connecting with our Divine source.

Sunday at 1 PM in the  Awaken Room

Lifestreaming & the Flow of Pure Consciousness. 
A lifestream is a persons path of living that includes their suffering and healing, their voluntary and involuntary experience, and the often unexpected circumstances as well as unintended consequences. We may feel life is easy in easy moments, but how skillful are we at going with the flow of the uneasy? Does our lifestream become disrupted in uneasy moments? How likely are we to experience deeper levels of pure consciousness in moments that are challenging and difficult? How does living in a state of pure consciousness open up our energetic channels and allow us to see and be with more clarity as well as have greater understanding of the past, present and future. Yoga has so much to teach us. Join Sudha for this lively and inspiring discussion, which will also include experiences in breath and meditative practices, mantra, mudra and Q&A.

Sunday , Transform Room



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