Chakra Science: The Sacredness of Aliveness

Prana, also called Chi, is the life force energy of our human existence and awareness. Prana flows in specific patterns within the body to accomplish specific functions that empower our physical, mental and emotional experiences. Yogi’s & other spiritualists discovered a very long time ago that we each have the ability to work with and even manipulate the channels of Prana in order to manifest certain outcomes. This is accomplished through knowledge and awareness of the chakra. A chakra is a vortex, or movement of energy. There are seven primary and thousands of secondary chakra in the human body. Each is invisible to the eye but an important aspect of our experience of being. Working with, and aligning, the flow of energy to be in tune with our heart’s calling is part of the science of chakra theory. The optimal use and awareness of chakra and Prana brings about a high level of wisdom, greater happiness and a reduction in suffering. This workshop is ideal for the person wishing to feel more alive physically, mentally and emotionally, and more connected spiritually. During this session, we will trace the path and pertinence of the chakra system and discover:
– what these seven energetic systems are and their qualities
– where they are located and what they influence in the body and mind
– how to recognize balances and imbalances
– practices and lifestyle adjustments for welcoming a more integrated and healthier experience of chakra energy
– mystical chants to awaken their harmony
– sacred geometrical patterns that prompt healing
This workshop will provide a clear, cohesive perspective of the chakra, what they are and what they are not, how to balance and activate them, and how to work with them in order to empower life, love and happiness in our being.

Sudha is the founder and primary teacher of Kula Kamala Foundation, a 501c3 public charity. She is a YogaAcharya, C-IAYT, and a 500E-RYT registered with Yoga Alliance. She began practicing yoga in her early twenties and has found it to be a continually transformative, reaffirming and uplifting lifestyle, one which continues to help her integrate and connect more deeply. With well over 3000 hours of advanced study in Yoga and its adjuncts, Sudha authored and directs a 200YTT, 300YTT, 870PYT, and several hospital and school based Yoga Therapy programs, in addition to other specialty training curriculum such as Goddess Wisdom, Emotional Healing through Spirituality and Tantra as a Practical Healing Methodology. For over 10 years, she has worked with everyday people, abused and neglected children, at-risk teens, women in crisis, and individuals seeking spiritual clarity in their life and relationships. Sudha’s experience and knowledge as a teacher, guide and advisor are grounded in decades of education, application, experience, and research. Personally and professionally, Sudha is dedicated to the principals of non-harming, empathy and compassionate discipline.

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