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Sufian Chaudhary

Sufian Chaudhary

How to Meet an Archangel
Saturday 5 PM, Awaken Room

If you are searching for the meaning of life, then this is the most important seminar you will ever attend! We are all powerful creators who will one day transcend this Universe in Unconditional Love. Learn how to open the doorway to Universal knowledge and transform your life as you know it.

Sufian is the author of World of Archangels; How to Meet an Archangel. After a visit by Archangel Uriel, Sufian was instructed to write a book that initiated a powerful spiritual awakening with Archangels and Ascended Masters through the soul’s enlightenment here on Earth. Sufian dedicates his time sharing the teachings passed down to him from Archangel Uriel, coaching as well as healing those on the spiritual path by activating individuals to their fullest energetic potential.


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