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Susannah Spanton

Susannah Spanton-Horsey

Master Your Energy! Cultivating Tools for the Healer Within You
Saturday 3 PM, Evolve Room

Would you like to have vibrant energy, create healthier relationships and discover tools to empower your healing journey? Bio-Energy Trainer Susannah Spanton will open the door to the world of energy, healing and the power of the mind. Together in this fun and interactive presentation, participants will gain the tools and inspiration to care for the healer within! Susannah will demonstrate how Bio-Energy healing, with roots steeped in the art of moving energy, clears stress and anxiety from the body and increases energy and vitality.

Bio-Energy and Reiki Healing sessions and trainings are the focus of Susannah’s passion and her humble contribution to the healing movement which is imperative for each of us. Susannah’s mission is to create healing opportunities, educational experiences, and inspiration for wellness that is respectful and honors people for who they are!


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