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Ula Pasternak

Ula Pasternak

Healing the Whole Human
Sunday 1:00 PM, Awaken Room

We have a physical, mental, emotional and soul body. They all are part of our Light Body with structures that await to be activated so you can use more of your DNA, mental and soul structures to connect to the Source. Let us help you remember your divinity, eternity and have more access to power to create a fulfilling life of purpose and passion. Heal all you need to feel whole and achieve all you want with a better access to creative forces. Step on a path of true empowerment and more meaningful service to humanity as you create more good in your life and in this world.

Ula Pasternak, LMT, MA, Rev. and a Guide with the Modern Mystery School, has studied, practiced and taught about healing the whole human: body, mind, soul and spirit for the last 39 years. She has focused on working as a therapist and teaching internationally about natural healing, empowerment and metaphysics for the last 21 years. She is based in in Phoenixville and Schwenksville, PA.


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